I'm Shayan Farhang Pazhooh

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Shayan Farhang Pazhooh

About Me

When I was child, I saw an ad with this title: "Website design." in a newspaper. I told my father: I want to have a website. But because I had no plans for it (and usually no one makes a website for a 7-year-old !!) my father did not accept.

So I started learning HTML and CSS from w3schools.com.

Before that, I had created a blog for myself in all the blog makers and gave everyone my blog address. I remember when I was in the second grade of elementary school, I always wrote the address of my blog under my homework.

After that, I got acquainted with WordPress. And I worked with WordPress so much that I learned to work with WordPress very well.

Since 2016, I have started several internet businesses. (Which is not left of them at the moment!) And in 2018, I created an Instagram page where I taught WordPress and named it "WordPress With Shayan".

I used to post several posts a day on my Instagram page. From this Instagram page (and the website I launched a few months later) I got site design clients.

In late 2019, I decided to do a rebranding for "WordPress With Shayan". In fact, changing the brand name, changing the services and collections and etc.

In June 2020, I finished designing and coding the ShayanWeb.com website and it was unveiled.

To date, We have helped more than 380 individuals / companies to start or grow their own online business.

My Skills

Front-End web development

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

PHP for WordPress Development

WordPress Back-End Developer

Website design with WordPress

WordPress Website Designer