I'm Shayan Farhang Pazhooh

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Shayan Farhang Pazhooh

About Me

When I was a child, I saw an ad in a newspaper with this title: "Website design". I told my father: I want to have a website for myself, But because I had no plans for it (and usually no one makes a website for a 6-year-old!!) my father did not accept.

So I started learning HTML and CSS from w3schools.com based on my father's suggestion.

Before that, I had created multiple blogs for myself in all the blog builders and gave everyone my blog address! I remember when I was in the second grade of primary school, I always wrote the address of my blog under my homework.

Some years later, I got to know WordPress, which is the best CMS to make and manage a website. And I worked with WordPress so much as far as I learned to work with it very well.

Since 2016, I have started several online businesses. (And none of them does not exist now!) And in 2018, I created an Instagram page where I posted about WordPress and named this Instagram page "WordPress With Shayan".

I used to post several posts a day on my Instagram page. From this Instagram page (and the website that I launched a few months later) I got website design clients.

In late 2019, I decided to do a rebranding for "WordPress With Shayan". In fact, changing the brand name, changing the services, products, etc.

In June 2020, I finished designing and coding the ShayanWeb.com website and I launched it!

I always loved to teach! I have researched about teaching and especially "Online Learning" a lot for years. Finally in 2019, I started teaching and also helping online instructors to teach people online with the best world-class ways of teaching. And I also designed multiple courses about website design.

Until today, I have helped more than 2000 people/companies to start and grow their own online businesses.

My vision and big dream is having an international company about Technology and Online Businesses and help people around the world. Developing the products, marketing for them, and all the things about before, during, and after selling products and services makes me excited and passionate. One of my biggest interests is entrepreneurship.

My Skills

Front-End web development

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

PHP for WordPress Development

WordPress Back-End Developer

Website design with WordPress

WordPress Website Designer